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Extraction Services | Calyx Crafts

Extraction Services

From Farm to Calyx to Wholesaler / Retailer!

We’re here to get your product where it needs to go!  Our Mission to process your Raw material into Extract while maintaining true to strain characteristics and the highest quality output!

Age of your product has a direct correlation to end product quality.

Don’t Delay! Call us today to get started!

Craft Extracting at its finest!

We intake: Whole plant fresh frozen, A-nugs, b-buds, smalls and sugars!

Using a different gases give us a the ability to make the finish you want. Whether through BHO (Butane), PHO (Propane) or more commonly a mixture of the two we use the process that works best for what you want as the customer.  

BHO Processing

Its a light hydrocarbon that is easy to purge out of a product. Good for creating Shatter, Pull n Snap, Terp Sugar, or even a Crumble. Generally yields between 10%-20%

PHO Processing

Its a light hydrocarbon that is easy to purge out of a product. Shatter, Pull n Snap, Terp Sugar, or even a Crumble. Generally yields between 10%-20%

    “A good beginning leads to a good ending”

Extraction is an art

and a science 

Cannabis is our life and passion and it shows through our hard work and dedication in our Craft. Our extracts have developed a name for themselves in the short time that we’ve been in the Recreational market.  There’s a reason. Seasoned professionals, time tested methods and last but not least true love for what we do.  



Check out our

Craft PHO Extracts

We love our PHO extracts and would love to create some amazing muffins with your product. PHO extracts are known for high tasting terp flavors creating a higher quality stimulating taste and essence of the plant. Easy to transport, great taste = high user satisfaction!


From Green to Gold! How We Deliver The Results You Want!

Behind the Scenes at Calyx Crafts and on how we turn green into Gold! 

What We Do

We use a Closed Loop Hydrocarbon Extractor to isolate the best parts of the Cannabis plant. Seperate them to create a variety of products. 


Finishes with a glass like amber texture, consistency and texture varies by product age, heat, moisture and terpenes affect the finish. 


Sugar is known to resemble the consistency of wet sand while not completely drying out into crumble. 


PHO or BHO creates this amazing light crumbly honeycomb textured finish. Known for its high terpene content and easy transportability a favorite by many., 

Terp Sauce

Made with Fresh Frozen whole plant this finish is considered by many to be the ‘creme de la creme’ of the Cannabis industry. 

Budder / Wax

PHO or BHO that’s been heated and manipulated, then allowed to cool into a budder-wax like substance for dabbing.

We make to order but will also help assess what process is best for your material if you’d like!

Sample Conversion Rates of Type of Gas / Product output

BHO Conversion


generally 10%-20% conversion

PHO Conversion


like bho but generally 3-4% less conversion

Live Resin


fresh frozen conversion is lower because of increased plant & water content

* Conversion rates vary depending on quality of the material, age of product, whole plant, A Nugs, B Buds, Sugars and Smalls and Trim.

Calyx extract team with

10+ years of experience! 

Our Extractors have a lot of experience. They all have gone from Seed to Extract. So they are very familiar with the whole process from the beginning to end. They have a deep understanding, caring for the plant and its potential.

Let's Work Together!

Contact us to find out what our current turn-a-round time is. We are usually 1/3 the time of other processors. 

Contact us:

Located in Bend, OR

Genereal Questions or to Schedule an appointment Please give us a call:

Call us: (541) 610-2111


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