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Calyx Crafts | Artisan Cannabis Extracts, Processing and Edibles

What's your Craft?

Our Craft is our love,
Our Craft is our passion,
Our Craft is our life.

Our Crafts | What we do


Our Extracts speak for themselves, high quality, extraordinary taste and affordable. Our mission to bring the exceptional to the masses!

Extraction Services

From Farm to Retail, we offer a variety of  services to help get your product to your customers.  Have questions just ask!

Edibles / Topicals

 We are using time tested recipes (in the making for 10+ years), and now we can finally bring them to you! We know you’re gonna love’em!


Check out our Crafts! Order using our New Online Menu for ease of use! (after verifying OLCC Lic. #) Need Help Now? Give us a call and we’d be happy to help you!Tooltip Text

The Calyx

Our Inspiration

What is a Calyx? | Why is it important?

A Calyx is the first part of the flower of a plant that forms, whether it be Cannabis or any type of plant that flowers. The Calyx holds the essence of the flower. Its the moment that when the Calyx opens that you find out whether the plant is a Male or Female. The Calyx holds the sex organs, becomes the structure of the flower and binds the flower together. Its the base of the house you might say. A starting point, the first steps towards something great, a moment of inspiration, . The Calyx is our inspiration as it embodies the limitless posibilities that we all hold within ourselves.

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Calyx Crafts

est. 2016 - Bend, Oregon

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